The Client Liaison Officers would provide personalized care to each group of clients.

The clients of M.C.S would further benefit with a backup team of experienced key consultants from our Partners i.e.

  • 1LIFE

The Clients of MCS would benefit with ongoing consultancy services in the following ways.

  • Orientation of management and employees on the workings of each medical scheme and making necessary recommendations.
  • Manage the member education programs as agreed with the client.
  • Manage the billing system in order to ensure accuracy of the reconciliation and to minimize the arrear situation.
  • Manage the movement of documents between the client and the administrators of the scheme.
  • Establish whenever necessary a claims query box to be cleared weekly.
  • Keep the client posted on developments on their scheme and industry overall.
  • Keep the client posted on developments of their scheme and industry overall.
  • Manage option changes at the end of the year.

On-going Member Education & Related Services

MCSbelieves that optimum outcomes are attained through well designed and properly coordinated service cycles and education programs.

Education Programme

  • Scheme’s profile
  • Factors influencing cost of healthcare & insurance products
  • Medical schemes Act 131 of 1998
  • Schemes solvency margins
  • Benefits structure & contributions structure
  • Lifestyle & Managed care
  • Industry developments
  • Queries management & continuous feedback

Frequency of the Programme

  • Re-orientation of all employees at implementation is a must for all new clients
  • Monthly induction of new employees- to be sanctioned by client Human Resources Department
  • Ongoing member education of existing members will be conducted as per contractual agreement
  • Delivery of membership cards and policy contracts
  • Continuous update of membership data
  • Telephonic and Consultative queries

Management Reports

MCS will prepare and present management reports on request in the following categories.

  • Contributions vs. Benefits of the group
  • Solvency margins of the scheme per option
  • Group utilization patterns
  • Group chronic utilization and number of chronic sufferers per option
  • Group age analysis

Group dependents analysis


Mcs has their head office in Durban-KZN (address appears on our profile cover) and should the need arise other satellite offices can be opened on demand throughout the country.

Fee Structuring

The medical Scheme Client/Co-Administration Support services are provided to clients in accordance to government legislation with the Medical Scheme Council. The client’s contributions are paid directly to the scheme, which then remunerates MCS for services rendered.

Supporting Documents

  • Copy of certificate of accreditation as a Health Care Broker (key individual) for Mr. M.R. Khomo by the Council of Medical Schemes.
  • Copy of certificate of accreditation of an Organisation as a Broker by the Council for Medical Schemes.

  • Accredited to most medical aids:
  • Discovery, Bonitas, Fedhealth, Medshield, Medihelp and other companies
  • Group Medical and Minimum 10 employees
  • Medical aid for your child up to 26 years
  • Medical Aid gap cover

  • Sanlam Express Cover up to 35 Million without Medicals (HIV Test)
  • Cover from R1 Million to R100 Million full medical required
  • Retrenchment Cover
  • Better rates for SAPS Members (After Comparison)
  • Retirement Annuity (RA)

  • Income Protector when you are ill or cannot work
  • Business Assurance
  • Key Person Assurance

  1. We assist with pension transfer when you resign or retire from the following institutions:

  • GEPF

and numerous other not listed above; to Old Mutual, Sanlam, Allan Grey.

  1. Guaranteed investments: Lump sum only
  2. Unit Trust: Minimum R500pm
  3. Tax Free investments and many more